Single Page Advertising Feature

Linked directly to the accommodation lists your property has its own page within the Walking Europe web site with illustrations and text. In addition links are provided to your own web site if you have one. The cost is €50 per annum.

Please complete the form below. The information provided will be used to build your entry so please ensure the information provided is accurate in all respects.

Please check the accuracy of the information provided.

All credit card payments are processed by Walking Britain using Worldpay secure servers. Walking Britain accepts all major Credit Cards. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Walking Britain

What happens next?

Within 5 working days of your payment being authorised, we will construct your feature page. Normally this is based on text and images found either in your brochure or on your web site You will receive an E-mail confirming this has been done. You then have the option to check and alter the content. Once this has been completed your property will be added to the appropriate accommodation lists and the page will become live.