General Site Advertising

There are a number of options available for general advertising within the Walking Europe web site. Content aimed at walkers is preferred although other content will be considered for inclusion.

Right hand side column - a variety of options are available. Adverts can be placed on region specific pages - for example Chamonix Region or can be site wide.

Home Page - Top Banner - one position normally available. Image size 970 pixels wide x 90 high.

Advertorial - Full pages including images. This is aimed at product promotion and is usually combined with banners in one position in the Right Hand Column of the Home Page.

Sponsorship - sponsored branding is accepted. This can be applied to any section or sections of the site subject to some restrictions on size and content.

Images & Linking

We accept jpeg, gif and flash images with some restrictions on the latter format. All we ask is that all images are of efficient size and do not impair page loading times.

Hyperlinks to your web site are obviously included in the price.

Prices & More Information

Prices are subject to individual quotation. It is therefore appreciated if you would outline your precise requirements so that we can construct a proposal that meets your needs.

Contact Walking Europe with your requirements here.