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Welcome to "Walking Europe", which reflects the success of Walking Britain by providing a website dedicated to walking in Europe and beyond.

It is some years since this website was first established and subsequently the coverage has slowly been widened to reach the current content. Walking Europe is currently being reconstructed so that it offers a more friendly interface with mobiles and tablets. This process is ongoing and should be completed by early August 2022.

Coming soon are new walks in a range of European countries plus some guides to walking in other parts of the world. It is hoped the job of extending coverage in France and Spain will be completed later this summer. A number of city walks throughout Europe are also to be added. Coastal walking has always been popular and the Ligurian coast in Italy is near the top of the list for inclusion.

Walking in Switzerland

Switzerland provides some of the best walks in the World. The paths are well maintained and the signage excellent. Many popular routes also have the benefit of refreshment opportunites during the walk. Public transport is also excellent with a useful netweork of bus and train services. Cable cars often provide access to the higher walks offering a substantial saving in ascent times. Visit Walking Switzerland

Submit your walks

You can help by adding content to this site. Help with walk descriptions can be provided and it is hoped to broaden the number of authors contributing to Walking Switzerland. Please use the Contact page for submission.

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