Photo Gallery Canada

Banff National Park
606201Looking down on Banff from Tunnel Mountain
606202Rock and fir trees on Tunnel Mountain
606203View to Calgary on Tunnel Mountain trail
606204Bi-lingual information board on Tunnel Mountain
606205View to Lake Louise from summit of Tunnel Mountain
606206Descending the path from Tunnel Mountain's summit
606301Lake Louise is spectacular
606302Rock , Ice and Lake Louise
606303Mirror Lake and the Big Beehive
606304The final stages of the path to Lake Agnes
606305Lake Agnes is surrounded by mountains
606306The Lake Agnes tea house
606307Chipmunk looking for a free lunch at Lake Agnes
606308The forest of fir and pines soars skywards
606309Forest path between Lake Louise and Lake Agnes
Jasper National Park
606401The path through the forest to Valley of the Five Lakes
606402Wabasso Creek on the way to the Valley of the Five Lakes
606403Board walk at Wabasso Creek,Valley of the Five Lakes
606404Valley of the Five Lakes - First Lake
606405Valley of the Five Lakes - Second Lake
606406Valley of the Five Lakes - Third Lake
606407Valley of the Five Lakes - Fourth Lake
606408Looking across Fifth Lake
606409Looking west shortly after leaving Fourth Lake
606701Information board at start of Mount Cavell Glacier trail
606702View from trail to Angel Glacier and Cavell Pond
606703Ice from the Angel Glacier floats in the Cavell Pond
606801Angel Glacier from the Cavell Meadows path
606802Pine Forest on Cavell Meadows path
606803Sorrow Peak with a carpet of wild flowers
606804Angel Glacier & Sorrow Peak from Cavell Meadows Trail
606805View from lower viewpoint on Cavell Meadows
606806Wild flowers in the Cavell Meadows
606807Cavell Pond from morraine trail below Angel Glacier
606808View of the Angel Glacier
606809Environmental toilets at Cavell Road trailhead
Vancouver Island
606601Inner Harbour, Victoria, Vancouver Island
606602Victoria Harbour Ferries ply the harbour.
606603The Inner Harbour at Victoria
606604Seaplanes and ferries link Victoria with Vancouver
606605The Johnson Street lifting bridge, Victoria, Vancouver Island
606606Floating houses at Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria
606607A 'street' at Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria
606608Interesting eatery at Fishman's Wharf, Victoria
606609Fishing boats moored at Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria
606610View from the Waterfront Walk, Victoria
606611The Waterfront Walk offers some good views
606612The British Columbia Legislative Buildings at Victoria
606613Detail from a totem pole in Victoria
606614Classic North American architecture in Victoria
606615Part of the Old Town, Victoria
Vancouver City
606501Maple leaf in the rain, Stanley Park, Vancouver
606502Modern sculpture near Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park
606503View across Lost lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver
606504Rocky foreshore near Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver
606505Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver
606506Walkway between Siwash Rock & Prospect Point
606507Segregated path around Stanley Park, Vancouver
606508Lion's Gate Bridge from Stanley Park, Vancouver
606509Sandy beach on Burrard Inlet side of Stanley Park
606510Girl in a Wetsuit statue, Stanley Park, Vancouver
606511Totem Poles in Stanley Park, Vancouver
606512Downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park