Photo Gallery Greece

610101Chapel Profitisilias en-route to summit of Vigla
610102Summit of Vigla (The Lookout), Samos
610103Vigla (The Lookout) in Kirkis Mountains, Samos
610201Delphi - view to the ancient site and pinnacles
610202Delphi - The Stadium from the E4 trail
610203The Kaki Skalas - pathway to the mountain pass
610204Views to the north of Itea
610205The church at Panaghia
610206The mouth of the Korycian Cave
610501View along coast of Crete between Paleohora & Soughia
610502Coastal view between Paleohora and Soughia, Crete
610503The scenic coast between Paleohora and Soughia, Crete