Photo Gallery Italy

Aosta Valley
610301The trail to Mont de la Saxe
610302View from trail to Mont de la Saxe
Dolomites - Val de Fassa
608601Sass Pordoi and Grupo del Sella from Col di Rossi
608602The views across the valley above Canazei
608603Looking back to the Col di Rossi cable car station
608604The Marmolada seen from the Viel de Pan path
608605The approach to the Rifugio de Pan
608606Lake Fedaia from near the Rifugio de Pan
608607Leaving the Rifugio de Pan for Lake Fedaia
608608Viel de Pan path and view to Sass Pordoi
608609View to the valley from "Viel de Pan" path
608610"Viel de Pan" path from above Lake Fedaia
608611The descent from the balcony path to lake Fedaia
608612The final section of the descent to Lake Fedaia
608701View down to the pretty village of Canazei
608702The view to the Sassopiatto and Sassolungo
608703Refuge Baita Locia has views to Sassopiatto and Sassolungo
608704The view up the Val de Contrin
608705Val de Contrin with grassland backed by mountains
608706Dierction signs in the Dolomites are clear
608707Viwe down Val de Contrin to Sassopiatto and Sassolungo
608708Refereshments are also available at the Baita Cianci
608709The Sassopiatto and Sassolungo are nearly always in view
608710The small chapel near the Rifugio Contrin
608711The western end of the Marmolada
608712The excellent Malga Contrin is a dairy serving food
608801Valley station of the Rodela cable car
608802Path to Forc Rodela with Sassolungo in cloud
608803Val Duron from near Rifugio Friedrich August
608804Wooden bull outside the Rifugio Friedrich August
608805Sassolungo from path 557 after Rifugio Friedrich August
608806Rodela from path 557 after Rifugio Friedrich August
608807Path 557 as it approaches Rifugio Sandro Pertini
608808View to Rodela on Path 557 near Rifugio Sandro Pertini
608809The view ahead to Rifugio Sasso Piatto
608810The descent to Malga del Sasso Platto
608811Path 533 in forest to Rifugio Malga Micheluzzi
608812Campitello looking back up the Val Duron
608901The valley station of the Rodela cable car
608902Val di Fassa from near Rifugio Friedrich August
608903Sassolungo from path 557 near Rifugio Friedrich August
608904Path 557 after Rifugio Friedrich August
608905View across Val Duron to wild limestone country
608906View from path across the Val Duron
608907Rifugio Sandro Pertini on path 557
608908View to Rodela on Path 557 after Rifugio Sandro Pertini
608909The view ahead to Rifugio Sasso Piatto
608910Low cloud at Rifugio Sasso Piatto
608911Val Duron from the Rifugio Malga Micheluzzi
608912Pretty village of Campitello looking up Val Duron
610801Path 601 after Rigugio de Pan & Marmolada Massif
Gran Paradiso National Park
610401Ibex in the Gran Paradiso National Park
Northern Tuscany
611301View down Enza Valley from path prior to L. Squincio
611302L. Squincio
611303Looking towards Prato Spilla from the ridge
611304Looking Back over Lago Verde
611305From Mt Bocco looking over Lagastrello
611306Decending Mount Bocco
611401Lunch time descending ridge above L Paduli
611402View towards Mount Bocca from path AV 2000
611403View towards Mount Del. Giogo
611404Looking back towards Mount Bocca
Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini
612201Ascending Monte Amandola
612202View from Monte Amandola
612203View from Monte Amandola
Dolomites - Val Gardena
611701Start of the Pisciadu Climbing Path
611702Path 666 near the start of the Pisciadu Climbing Path
611703First view of Exner Tower
611704Exposed traverse on the Pisciadu Climbing Path
611705Exposed traverse on the Pisciadu Climbing Path
611706Footbridge on the Pisciadu Climbing Path
611707View from the footbridge on the Pisciadu Climbing Path
611708The Pisciadu Hut
Lake Orta - Northern Italy
613801Pettenasco, and Sacro Monte from Monte Barro Cross
613802Pettenasco & Monte Barro from the shores of Lake Orta
Ligurian Coast (including Cinque Terre)
609701Isola Palmaria - view to Portovenere from the ferry
609702Isola Palmaria - view along the eastern coast
609703Isola Palmaria - beach and landing stage at Pozzale
609704Isola Palmaria - marble quarries
609705Isola Palmaria - path from Pozzale & Isola del Tino
609706Isola Palmaria - Portovenere from the island
609707Isola Palmaria - Portovenere from the island
609708Isola Palmaria - the harbour Terrizzo
609709Isola Palmaria - Portovenre from the returning ferry
609901Village of Bonassola on the Ligurian Coast
614301The seafront at Levanto
614302Looking back to Levanto
614303Between Levanto and Monterosso
614304Looking north along the coast beyond Levanto
614305The path junction at Punta Mesco
614306Descending to Monterosso
614401The attractive seafront at Monterosso
614402Amusing sign at the start of the path from Monterosso
614403The view over Monterosso
614404Along the path between Monterosso and Vernazza
614405Picturesque bridge between Monterosso and Vernazza
614406The final view back to Monterosso
614407The first view of Vernazza
614408The final approach into Vernazza
614409View down to Vernazza
614501Vernazza with its mix of architecture
614502Vernazza occupies a stunning location
614503View of Vernazza from coastal path
614504The end of the climb out of Vernazza
614505Corniglia comes into view from the coastal path
614506Corniglia from the coastal footpath
614507The coastal path approaching Corniglia
614508Wild flowers near Corniglia in Springtime
614509Hillside terraces near Corniglia
614510Corniglia occuipies a hilltop location above the sea
614511An attractive square in Corniglia
614512Looking south from Corniglia
614601Cinque Terre village of Manarola from the sea
614701Cinque Terre village of Riomaggiore from the sea
614801Climbing out of Levanto
614802Hillside villages above Levanto
614803The hamlet of Lizza occupies the foreground
614804A small chapel in the hamlet of Lizza
614805Footpath signs near Fossato
614806The church in the village of Montale
614807The hillside village of Montale
614808Wildflowers and olive groves below Montale
614809Derelict barn below Montale
614901The pretty Cinque Terre village of Vernazza
615001Corniglia, a Cinque Terre village
615101The pretty harbour at Portovenere