Point 604 from Pantano del Chorro
Walk 6002

Country - Spain

Region - Malaga Province (Andalucia)

Author - Lou Johnson

Length - 7.0 km / 4.4 miles

Ascent - 320 metres / 1056 feet

Descent - 320 metres / 1056 feet

Time - 2.50 hours

Photo from the walk - Point 604 from Pantano del Chorro Photo from the walk - Point 604 from Pantano del Chorro Photo from the walk - Point 604 from Pantano del Chorro Photo from the walk - Point 604 from Pantano del Chorro Photo from the walk - Point 604 from Pantano del Chorro Photo from the walk - Point 604 from Pantano del Chorro 
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This walk starts from the dam at Pantano del Chorro where on road parking is available. The dam can be reached by following the minor road from Ardales located on the Malaga to Campillos main road. The route is ill defined in places and it must be remembered that there are some steep crags in places.

From the dam walk back along the road to Ardales. There is usually very little traffic and there are good views to your right across the reservoir. Reaching the entrances to Camping Parque Ardales on your right, ignore the first access road and continue on the road to the second access. Almost opposite is a path into the woodland. There are red and white waymarks although these are erratic and badly positioned.

The path climbs up to a small col. Turn left here to follow a feint path that climbs onto the southern slopes of 'Point 604'. The route needs care as there are crags to your left but generally the route even though not continuously waymarked is logical and straightforward. As you climb the views over the reservoirs improve. By the time you have reached the summit of 'Point 604' you will be rewarded with a grand view of La Huma (1188 m) and be able to see the route of the El Chorro gorge.

The descent goes north at first veering northwest. A few waymarks exist and generally it is a matter of heading downhill avoiding the worst of the bushes and small crags at the same time following an obvious path where it is apparent. You will exit onto a dirt road. Turn left along this dirt road and this will lead you back to the road used on the onward route. Turn right and you will soon be back at the dam.

Things to consider - Do not stray from the route described. There are numerous crags in this area and with the El Chorro gorge never far away danger could be only a step away. In summer this area can be very hot and despite numerous small trees there is very little usable shade.

Suggested Maps

- Cartografia Militar de Espana, Series L, 1:50000, Sheet no. 16-43 (1043), Ardales.

Digital Mapping

French IGN mapping is available in digital format by area and 'cut your own' maps. For more information and availabilty go to the Anquet website.

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