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Ahornbahn Panorama Walk
Walk 6037

Country - Austria

Region - Zillertal (Tyrol)

Author - Lou Johnson

Length - 2.0 km / 1.3 miles

Ascent - 150 metres / 495 feet

Descent - 150 metres / 495 feet

Time - 1.00 hours

Photo from the walk - Ahornbahn Panorama Walk
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This short walk offers a wide range of views of the valleys and mountains surrounding the regional centre of Mayrhofen. The walk is suitable for those with 'all terrain' pushchairs. There is a selection of cafés available.

Start & End - the top station of the Ahornbahn cablecar.

Leave the Ahornbahn by the main exit and turn right. You will see a large information board by the toilets. This provides details of the immediate area, suggested walks and other information. Take the broad path to the right of the toilet block and descend in an arc to the Filzenalm. From this part of the walk there are good views over the Tuxer Valley and the Penken.

Continue on the broad path as it snakes its way uphill. On the right there are superb views down into the Stillup Valley (Stilluptal) with a specially constructed viewing area just off the path. Continue uphill staying on the main path to reach a path junction by an ornate gateway. Do not go through the gate but continue on the path following the wall, which should be on your right hand side. The views have now changed and you can see towards the Ahornspitze (2973m) and the Edelhütte.

Ignore the broad path going left and walk straight ahead to reach a spectacular newly constructed viewpoint offering an exceptional view the length of the Ziller Valley (Zillertal) with Mayrhofen some 1350 metres below (4500 feet). It is possible to continue a short way past the viewing area to a higher point. However do be careful as there is a considerable drop off the unprotected crags. After enjoying the view walk back down the path to the first junction and turn right. This leads back to the top station of the Ahornbahn.

Suggested Maps

- Mayrhofen Tuxer Tal - Wanderkarte - 1:25000 - www.wave.at

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