Monte Amandola and Castel Manardo Le Marche
Walk 6122

Country - Italy

Region - Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini

Author - Robert Worsley

Ascent - 750 metres / 2475 feet

Time - 5.00 hours

Photo from the walk - Monte Amandola and Castel Manardo Le Marche Photo from the walk - Monte Amandola and Castel Manardo Le Marche Photo from the walk - Monte Amandola and Castel Manardo Le Marche 
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Directions to Start of Walk - From Amandola take the road to Communanza and on the outskirts of Amandola turn right onto the road signposted to Montefortino. After 1km turn right for Garulla. After about 2km from Garulla, take the right fork for the Rifugio Citta di Amandola. Park at the Rifugio (Mountain Refuge).

The Walk - Take the obvious path uphill, to the left of the Rifugio, passing initially through a small wood and then bearing left up open hill side. There are occasional signs on the way up (red and white no.13). After a short while the path bears right, climbing steadily to pass through the second of two small woods. Continue on the obvious path which ascends diagonally across the slope to the top, where it opens out between grassy hilltops.

To the left is Monte Amandola, where there is a cross marking the top. To reach this lookout point head up across open, grassy slope (no path). This takes only 5 minutes or so and gives terrific views back out over the lower country to the east , and to the mountain tops to the west, including Monte Priori (2332 m), and a view deep down into the Ambro valley.

Otherwise go straight ahead to arrive at or near to the dirt road coming across from the right from Pintura di Bolognola (Point A). From here you will see the round grassy top of Castel Manardo ahead and to the right, with a long ridge leading up to it. A track branches off from this point, ascending gently to the left of the ridge. Follow this up round a concrete water tank, and up to the ridge. Where the track crosses the ridge leave it and ascend the ridge to the top of Castel Manardo (1917m).

Keeping straight ahead and descend the ridge to the col at Forcella di Bassete (1701m) going over 2 small eminences en route - Scoglio del Montone (1864m.) and Colle Bassete (1832m). At Forcella di Bassete turn left to descend on a path which joins another path coming down from the head of the valley to the right. Turn left down this path to reach a dirt road coming up from the valley. Turn left along this road to reach again the dirt road from Pintura di Bolognola (Point A). Descend to the rifugio via the route of ascent.

Suggested Maps

- Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, carta dei sentieri scala 1:25.000

Digital Mapping

French IGN mapping is available in digital format by area and 'cut your own' maps. For more information and availabilty go to the Anquet website.

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