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Benamahoma to El Bosque riverside walk
Walk 6127

Country - Spain

Region - Cadiz Province (Andalucia)

Author - Peter Bailey

Length - 6.0 km / 3.8 miles

Time - 2.00 hours

Grade - easy

Photo from the walk - Benamahoma to El Bosque riverside walk
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This is a truly delightful riverside walk, which practically anybody could do. It might be better to do the walk during the week as it is quite popular at weekends but do not let that put you off. The time and distance given is for walking one way.

The path begins in the outskirts of Benamahoma in the lower part of the village very close to a bar called Venta El Bujio. The bus from Grazalema to El Bosque stops here and it is El Bosque where you are making for on this walk, so you could come back by bus. There is also plenty of parking space by the bar. Have a drink in the bar and ask them to show you where the path (el sendero) to El Bosque begins. There is a bar at the other end of the walk too.

Of course you can find the start of the walk for yourself: it is right beside the river. And that is really all the information you need, because you follow the riverside path, crossing bridges from time to time, all the way to El Bosque. There is plenty of shade from the trees by the river. They used to say that the Grazalema area was the wettest in Spain but that is changing and you are unlikely to see rain on the walk, although the area is uncharacteristically green.


Stay Safe

Do enjoy yourself when out walking and choose a route that is within your capabilities especially with regard to navigation.

Do turn back if the weather deteriorates especially in winter or when visibility is poor.

Do wear the right clothing for the anticipated weather conditions. If the weather is likely to change for the worse make sure you have enough extra clothing in your pack.

Do tell someone where you are planning to walk especially in areas that see few other walkers.

Do take maps and other navigational aids. Do not rely on mobile devices in areas where reception is poor. Take spare batteries especially in cold weather.

Do check the weather forecast before leaving. The Met Office has a number of forecasts for walkers that identify specific weather risks.

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